Pelatihan IMZ

Sejak tahun 2004, IMZ telah rutin melaksanakan pelatihan dan short course yang dirancang secara profesional untuk memfasilitasi kebutuhan organisasi nirlaba dalam meningkatkan kapasitas SDM dan organisasi. Tema pelatihan disusun berdasarkan tren dan kebutuhan organisasi nirlaba


  1. Practitioners of Zakat Management Organization (OPZ)
  2. Practitioners of NGO
  3. Practitioners of Corporate Social Responsibility
  4. Government officials and Private employee
  5. Academician, Student, and public


  1. Public Training Executive Training
  2. In House Training
  3. Short Course (Prime Program)


The main focuses of these trainings are nonprofit organization management and community empowerment. The objective of the trainings is to improve the capacity of human resources in organization. The duration of the training is from 4 to 12 sessions. The materials taught in this training are related to skills need by non-profit organization, such as fundraising management, community empowerment management, human resources management, strategic planning, financial management, and management in general. For several particular training, there is a field trip to complete the training. Public training and executive training are conducted monthly, the training’s theme itself is adjusted to the trend of the user’s needs.


  • Empowerment Management
  1. Arranging Strategic Planning of non-profit organization
  2. Basic Training for Community Empowerment Officer
  3. Empowerment Models: Comparison Study of Rural and Urban Community Based Program with social analysis technique Participatory Rural Appraisal (PRA).
  4. Technique for creating a participatory based Social Mapping Planning.
  5. Technique for designing an Effective Empowerment Program.
  6. Technique for evaluating The Impact of a Program.
  7. Technique for determining Poverty Index for the community targeted by empowerment program.
  8. Technique for analyzing the feasibility of Microenterprise.
  9. Natural resources and local potential based community empowerment technique.
  10. Designing Emergency Health Program in disaster area.
  11. Designing Community Based Health Program.
  12. Nonprofit Hospital Management.
  13. Emergency and Logistic of Disaster management.
  14. Trauma Healing technique for humanity disaster (conflict)
  15. Management of disaster volunteers.
  16. Designing a skill based school empowerment program (Non Formal/Vocational School)
  17. Designing a formal school empowerment program.
  18. Calculating the Social Return on Investment (SROI) of Empowerment program.
  • Finance Management
  1. Arranging Financial report with PSAK standard for OPZ
  2. Internal Financial Auditing technique
  •  Communication and Marketing
  1. Consumer Analysis & Marketing Strategy
  2. How Master your Presentation Skill
  3. Brand Management Strategy for Non Profit Organization
  4. Media Plan Strategy for Non Profit Organization
  5. Integrated Marketing Communication Strategy for Non Profit Organization
  6. Image building Strategy with social networks
  7. Arranging a Good governance based annual report for public institution
  8. Humanity photographic technique
  9. Layout technique for humanity and empowerment magazine
  •  Leadership
  1. Leadership Development Program.
  2.  Character Development Program.
  •  Fundraising Management
  1. Retail Fundraising Strategy
  2. Fundraising Strategy and Auqaf Management
  • Public Services
  1. Technique to create service management system for mustahiq
  2.  How to create Public Service Management System for Non Profit Organization.
  •  Contemporary Fiqh of Zakat


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