E-Book: Empowerment Mapping Performance of DKI Jakarta

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The empowerment performance of the YBM PLN Program is an effort made by the YBM PLN to capture a picture of the poor areas and the actions that have been carried out by the YBM PLN in DKI Jakarta Province.

In this book, it is explained that in 2018 YBM PLN has channeled ZISWAF funds amounting to Rp 17.37 billion from its muzakki and donors and has been distributed to 49,534 beneficiaries consisting of 35,705 beneficiaries of the Humanitarian Social Program, 5,500 beneficiaries of the health program , 5,064 inhabitants beneficiaries of education programs, 1,654 inhabitants beneficiaries of economic programs, and 1,615 beneficiaries of proselytizing programs.

Based on data on the distribution of beneficiaries, the City of North Jakarta has become the region with the largest beneficiaries of 10,541 people. Where is based on data from the Jakarta Social Service in January 2019, the number of data distribution of poor households in North Jakarta is the region with the largest number of Poor Household Members, which is 441,305 inhabitants. Or in other words, as many as 2.39% of the poor population in North Jakarta are beneficiaries of YBM PLN.

Anies Baswedan as the Governor of DKI Jakarta also appreciated the release of the Community Empowerment Performance Map book in DKI Jakarta, “YBM PLN through this book has contributed greatly to the government and the people of Jakarta. Hopefully this will be a real step in helping to realize the welfare and happiness of Jakarta citizens. ”

This book is a Special Report collaboration between YBM PLN and IMZ (Zakat Management Institute) supported by BAZNAS (BAZIS) DKI Jakarta.


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