Book Review : The Management of Zakat

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Penulis : Erie Sudewo
Tahun : 2007
Ukuran/tebal : 173 mm x 233 mm
Tebal : 238 halaman
Harga : Rp. 75.000,-
Uraian :

As one of the Pillars of Islam, Zakat considered as social pillar while the four others considered as worship pillars. Zakat is deifferent because it invoves the roles of their parties;given by the muzakki, managed by the amil, and given ti the mustahik. Given the fact, zakat ghas to be managed and organized as well. The obligatory to manage and organize it falls into the goverment fortunately balanced by the eagerness of society. But eagerness is never enough

The management and organizing of zakat in Indonesia still goes in traditional way. The ‘go with the flow’ paradigm that buried deeply has been coincidently inherited for decades. There are at least 15 charactersof the heritage of zakat management in Indonesia, tey are : underestimed, second class work, without management, without planning, overlapped organization structure, witout fit and proper test, unclear boundaries, sincerely without repaid, part-time job, weak human resourches, it is not a choice, feeble creativity, no monitoring adn evaluanting, indispline, committee.
Therefor there is need to have principles to hold. These principles are the basic foundation that has an important role to throw away those heritage. Having principles to hold does not mean an instant succes. But by firmly holding the princile, the basics of progress have been planted, and the advancementwil be easier to reach.

There are four principles in a zakat foundation that has to be understood. They are :
1. The principle of the Pillars of Islam
a. Society Deed
b. Piety
2. The principle of Moral
This principle applied to those who work as administrator of zakat (amil). An amil is demanded to have a good moral in managing, organizing, and administering zakat. The characters of such morality are Honest, Trustworthy, Truthful, Responsible, Fair, Mercy, Helpful, Determined.
3. The principle of Foundation
In term of difference between zakat foundation and regular company, there is huge gap between both. The product from a company is free from value and the buyers do not care of the background of the company’s owner. In the other hand, society will see people who sit behind the zakat foundation. These are the principle of foundation for zakat foundation to et trusted : The right figure, Apolitical, Neutral, Independent, Objective
4. Principle of Management
There are many ways in order to reach something in this life. If those ways arranged in orders and booked then it called management system. There are to known management systems that opposite each other, management by result and management by process. Between those two, the one wich suits zakat foundation is the last one. The values brought by zakat foundation match with the basic character of the mnagement by process.

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