Main Acitivities

The main Activities of IMZ are:

  • Training

Training is a program that arranged comprehensively and integratively to strengthen the organizational capacity of non-profit organization,. Distingushly designed for practioners, observers, and academicians who want to know and understand all about nonprofit organization’s management aspects and empowerment principles. This program is conducted regularly in the form of public training, executive training, and short course.

  • Consultation and Assistance

Consultation and assistance are programs that arranged exclusively to reinforce the organizational capacity of non-profit organization comprehensively and integratively. Consultation or assistance is held according to the needs and demands of the partner. This program includes an assessment analysis of knowledge and human resources skill needed by the partner and also organizational management.

  • Research

One of publications issued by IMZ is Indonesia Zakat and Development Report (IZDR). It provides report of national zakat performance, zakat’s role in poverty alleviation, and zakat’s performance projection in the future. Furthermore, IMZ also did research related to poverty, evaluation of community empowerment program, socio-economics of zakat, and public opinion surveys

  • Advocacy and Policy Study

The main focus of advocacy done by IMZ is public’s information dissemination. IMZ also doing monitoring to the policy related to poverty alleviation and zakat in Indonesia, not only in national and regional level, but also in local level. IMZ together with zakat’s stakeholder and other OMS have guarded the process and the endorsement of the law of zakat’s management, the law of poor and local regulation about management of zakat.

  • Publication of Journal and Books

IMZ have published a journal namely Zakat and Empowering Journal. This journal is published regularly every six months in bilingual, English and Indonesian. Moreover, IMZ also published books about zakat and poverty either contextually or lesson-learned and best practissed of zakat management in national and global level.

  • Library Service

Library is one of facility provided by IMZ as a Corporate Social Responsibility to the community. IMZ’s library provides many kinds of book, clippings, and other references related to non-profit organization, community empowerment, communication, Islamic economics, general economics, sharia banking, fiqh, zakat-infaq-shadaqoh and wakaf, philanthropy, and management in general. Our library is open for student and public without any payment (free).

Merupakan fasilitas yang disediakan sebagai bentuk layanan CSR IMZ kepada publik. Layanan perpustakaan IMZ menyediakan berbagai macam koleksi buku, kliping dan referensi lain mencakup tema manajemen organisasi nirlaba, pemberdayaan masyarakat, komunikasi, ekonomi Islam, ekonomi umum, perbankan syariah, fiqh, zakat-infaq-shadaqoh & wakaf, filantropi maupun manajemen secara umum. Layanan perpustakaan IMZ terbuka untuk mahasiswa dan umum tanpa dipungut biaya.

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