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Posted January 27th, 2020 in Article, News

Gathering this morning with mas Anwar Sani at the Daarul Quran Institute (iDaqu) @ Adh Dhuha Building Daarul Quran Islamic Boarding School, Tangerang. I was invited to go around the Daarul Quran Islamic Boarding School, some boarding boarding schools and those who had full day school. Adh Dhuha Building consists of offices, schools and dormitories. Starting from KB, kindergarten, elementary school, to high school, everything has the nuances of the Quran, meaning there is always a target for memorizing the memorization of the Koran (murajaah), extraordinary. Saung-saung were also built on a cool and shady fish pond, convenient for incorporating chanting verses into the heart and mind.

Imitating the independence of the more senior Gontor and As Salam boarding schools, all the needs of the Daarul Quran Pesantren students were met from an independent business unit managed by the santri as well. The boarding school which was founded by Ust Yusuf Mansur has a variety of independence units based on the needs of students living there including BMT, Catering, Canteen, Laundry, Mart, Travel etc. From santri to santri by santri. iDaqu is also building a campus, already running one generation with 192 students. Magnificent mockups and now stands part of the mosque.

Daqu Cash System
The closed economic model of the Islamic boarding school applied in the Daarul Quran Islamic Boarding School is also interesting to emulate. All cashless, students or school students no longer need to carry cash for daily needs, but use a system called Daqu Cash. A colorful bracelet worn by students and female students containing student data and face authentication connected to the savings system at BMT. So the money does not come out of the pesantren, facilitated by the millennial financial system. And what’s more interesting, this bracelet is fire resistant and waterproof. The students do not need to worry because they do not have to take it off when they perform ablution.

The Islamic boarding school model with integrated boarding and school models such as those in Daarul Quran has a potential economic captive market. For the internal rice needs of the pesantren alone, it costs 12 tons per month. And not yet optimized in other branches. This is of course a good synergy with Agro Daqu, the independent entity of Daarul Quran which is engaged in agriculture and animal husbandry.

Economic relations of this kind can show that the combination of educational philanthropy and economic empowerment based on ZISWAF has the potential to be developed by amil zakat managers, with consistent collaboration requirements, focusing on institutional competency and professionalism.

Minutes of January 16, 2020 Gratitude with the Chairperson of Daarul Quran Directorate of Zakat and Waqf, M. Anwar Sani

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