Sharia Audit & Zakat Financial Report Preparation Class of 11

Posted January 24th, 2020 in Capacity Building, Gallery, News, Training

The various dynamics of accounting case learning and financial reporting of zakat to the expansion of the structure and form of organization that continues to grow requires practitioners of zakat managers to participate in updating knowledge on how to prepare financial reports for the funds of the people. Compliance with sharia requires that the Zakat Management Organization must know what Shariah Audit is.

- Introduction of accounting
- Accounting Standards for Alms SFAS 109
- Compiling PSAK-Based Financial Report 109
- Understanding Zakat Financial Statements
- Excel Based PSAK 109 Application Practices
- Sharia Audit for Zakat Management Organizations

- Provides a basic understanding of preparing zakat financial statements
- Provide a basic understanding of shariah auditing for zakat management organizations

The facilitator
1. M. Fuad Nasar
Director of Zakat Empowerment and Waqf Ministry of Religion
2. Rosalynd Hasibuan
IMZ Associate Expert
3. Dadang Romansyah
KAP Senior Auditor AR Utomo

Target audience
Financial Managers, Financial Practitioners, Financial Managers / Managers, Finance Staff, Foundation / Institution Managers, Institutional Leaders, BAZNAS, LAZ, Academics & General

- Rp. 3,750,000 (Not Staying)
- Early Bird (Transfer max 31 Jan 2020) 10% discount *)
- Group registration of at least 3 people 10% discount *)
- Repeating the same theme at IMZ, 50% discount *)
*) No accumulation applies

Consumption during training, training kits, material modules, and certificates

Info & Registration
Intan: 085215646958
Tel: 021-7418607

FB Fanpage: IMZ info
Twitter: @infoIMZ

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