Management of Waqf Productive (Class 2)

Posted January 13th, 2020 in Capacity Building, Events, Gallery, News, Training

Waqf will feel the impact if it is associated with productive endowments. The money or funds collected will be used for investments with low risk and profits will be distributed to the poor as a person. Thus, the poor will benefit (Bank Indonesia: 2016).

This training will equip you to have the ability to develop productive waqf-based business models from various best practices of modern waqf in Indonesia. You will also learn management and professional Nazir competencies and be the key to sustainable waqf management.


  • Education Strategies for Productive Waqf Donors
  • Productive Waqf Fundraising Strategy
  • Legal Aspects in Productive Waqf Certification
  • Case Study of Productive Waqf Legal
  • Surgical Productive Waqf Program in Education, Health and Economy
  • Management of Productive Waqf for Business

Target audience

Nazhir waqf, BMT or KSSPS, Amil Zakat Institution, Amil Zakat Agency, Islamic Social Foundation, Academics, Sharia Economic Activists, KUA and the General Public.


1. Bobby P Manulang (GM Mobilizes Wakaf Dompet Dhuafa)

2. Fahrudin (Wakaf Daarut Tauhid)

3. Asep Irawan (Director of Sinergi Foundation)

4. Mohammad Budi Pahlawan (Chairperson of the Waqf Board and Minister of

    Muhammadiyah Regional Leadership of East Java)

5. Dr. Muh. Zakaria (Director of Rumah Sehat Integrated Hospital, Dompet Dhuafa)

6. Sunarto (Manager of Fundraising Retail Wakaf Dompet Dhuafa)

7. Ir. Jurist Efrida Robbiyantono (Indonesian Waqf Board)

Time & Place

Tuesday-Wednesday, 28-29 January 2020

At 08.30-17.00 WIB

Hotel Sofyan Soepomo, Tebet, Jakarta


  •  Rp.2,500,000 (without staying overnight)
  •  Rp.3,000,000 (plus 1 night stay)
  •  Early Bird IDR 2,250,000 (Pay before 18 January 2020 – without staying overnight)
  •  50% discount for Batch 1 Participants.


Consumption during training, training kits, material modules, and certificates

Info & Registration

Intan : 085215646958 or click:

IMZ : 021-7418607

FB: IMZ info

Twitter: @infoIMZ

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