NATIONAL SEMINARS AND TRAINING IN WAKAF MANAGEMENT Management of Waqf in the Era of the Industrial Revolution 4.0

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There is an interesting phenomenon in the world of Islamic Philanthropy today, where the higher awareness of Muslims in carrying out the obligation to pay Zakat, Charity, Alms and Waqf in registered Institutions and or Agencies is registered.

On the other hand, the Law Regulations on Waqf, National Sharia Board Fatwa on Sharia Insurance, Mudharabah Mustarakah Agreement on Sharia Insurance, Tabarru Akad on Sharia Insurance, and Waqf Insurance Benefits and Investment Benefits on Sharia Insurance can accelerate and realize a professional Waqf Institution, trustworthy, and transparent.

1. Increase the knowledge and understanding of the Nazhirs about the management of waqf from the aspects of Sharia, laws and regulations, and modern management.
2. Equipping Nazhirs with professional souls and attitudes in managing waqf, so that public confidence in the Wakaf Institution increases.
3. Increase knowledge and product knowledge for Insurance agents and Bank employees as Sharia Financial Institutions that Receive Waqf Money (LKS PWU).

1. Dr Zainulbahar Noor, Deputy Chairman of the 2015-2020 BAZNAS Commissioner.
2. Muhammad Rofiq, S.Ag., M.E., Director of the MUI Waqf Institution.
3. Prof. Dr Raditya Rukmana, S.E., M.A., Professor of Islamic Economics, Department of Islamic Economics, FEB Airlangga University.
4. Kushardanta S, S.E., M.M., IMZ Director.
5. Dr Tika Widiastuti, S.E., M.Sc., Lecturer in the Faculty of Economics and Business, Airlangga University.

1. Management of Waqf in the Industrial Revolution Era 4.0
2. Bank Waqf
3. Insurance Waqf
4. Jurisprudence
5. Vision and Mission of the Waqf Institution
6. Moving Waqf for the Ummah
7. Cash Waqf for Productive Waqf
8. Current issues and models of Waqf
9. The Role of Nazhir in the Development of Waqf

Target audience
Management of Waqf Board, Management of Waqf Institution, employees and Bank Leaders as LKS PWU, Insurance Agents, Waqf Practitioners, Academics, and all parties who wish to increase their knowledge and competence in Waqf field.

Time and place
Day, date: Tuesday-Thursday, November 12-14, 2019
Time: 08.30-end
Place: Singgasana Hotel – Surabaya

Investment and Facilities
1. Seminar: Rp.750,000
2. Seminar and Training for 3 days: Rp.2,750,000
3. Seminar and Training for 3 days stay 2 nights: Rp.4.250.000
- Consumption during seminars/training, Materials, Training Kits, and Certificates.

Info & Registration
Intan: 085215646958
Tel: 021-7418607
- Registration & Payment no later than November 1, 2019

FB Fanpage: info IMZ
Twitter: @infoIMZ

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