Talent Strategy in Industrial Era 4.0

Posted September 5th, 2019 in Article, Capacity Building, Events, In-House, News, Regular, Training

“Today is a millennial child, less than 1 year old has come out. More impatient. They are not as patient as the previous generation. 2 months are not comfortable, they are out

We must design institutions to be attractive to millennial human resources. How to get the values of institutions in, learning can be, and they feel a lot of challenges.

The budget for HR needs to be increased. Not just training, but HR development. Because everyone needs HR development.

There are 5 strategies to capture talent in the millennial era, namely (a) Pay & Benefit, (b) Potential for Institutional Growth, (c) Big Name, (d) Career Prospect, and (e) Sense of Entrepreneurship “, said Fatchuri Rosidin, Head of DD CorpU’s Management Consulting.

“Building a healthy organization begins with the right recruitment and selection process to the right people. The biggest asset of the Zakat Management Agency is amil. The HR department must be zero telorance and must be able to ensure that a position in the organization is filled by the right people. It is better for superiors to run double job, rather than the position filled by the wrong person. Not only social costs but also stupid costs that will be experienced by the institution. this explains.

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