Social Enterprise Advocacy and Leveraging (SEAL) Conference 2017

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2nd SEAL Asia Conference
September 26-30 2017 in Hotel Sovereign Bali, Indonesia

The First Social Enterprise Advocacy and Leveraging (SEAL) Conference and ISEA Regional Assembly was held in Makati, Philippines on November 25-27, 2014. The theme of the conference was Transforming Economies through Social Entrepreneurship: Towards a Post-2015 Development Agenda. Inspired by an ISEA- Oxfam action research on the role, challenges and potentials of social enterprises in developing countries in Asia, the First SEAL Conference recognized the importance of social enterprises, particularly social enterprises with the poor as primary stakeholders, in playing an important role as vehicles for creating and distributing wealth among the poor; and for building the assets, capabilities and self-reliance of marginalized sectors as actors in their own development.

The program of this event will be combined with knowledge sharing, field visits to social enterprises and an exhibition of social enterprise products. Knowledge sharing shall be focused on the themes of measuring social enterprise impact, the role of government in providing an enabling environment conducive to social entrepreneurship and the role of academe/universities in developing and disseminating knowledge as well as building the human resources requirements for the social enterprise sector to tackle poverty and inequality as critical social problems in Asia.

About ISEA
The institute for Social Enterprise in Asia (ISEA) is a learning and action network set up by social enterprises and social enterprise resource institutions to catalyze knowledege creation, capacity development and movement-building for social entrepreneurship in Asia.

The theme of the Conference is “Social Enterprise:  Addressing Inequality for a Just Economy” and shall serve as A Learning Exchange on Social Enterprise Impacts and the SDGs.

Objectives and Key Activities
The second SEAL Conference is part of efforts to strengthen the social enterprise sector in Asia and Indonesia in addressing poverty and inequality as its contribution to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.

The SEAL Conference shall feature the following
- Sharing of research results on measuring Social Enterprise impact.
- Discussion on the role of government in providing an enabling environment for the social enterprise sector to become a key player in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals in Asia
- Discussion on possible policy advocacy agenda for government to support cooperatives and social enterprises in Indonesia.
- Discussion on the role of academe and universities in promoting social enterpreneurship in Asia including Indonesia.
- Learning best practices from Bali’s social enterprises and social entrepreneurship in Asia including Indonesia.
- Exhibiton of social enterprise products.
- Building networks among practitioners and supporters of social entrepreneurship in Asia including Indonesia

Keynote Speech
Ministry of Village, Development of Disadvantaged Regions, and Transmrigration of Republic of Indonesia
Mr Eko Putro Sandjojo

Plenary Session

ISEA-Oxfam PROSE-GRAISEA Project Director,
Dr Marie Lisa Dacanay
Executive Director of Center for Social Intiatives Promotion (CSIP, Vietnam),
Ms Pham Kieu Oanh
and paralel discussion of corporate learning session, social enterprise from Asian countries

Overview of Muntigunung Community Social Enterprise
Muntigunung which was widely known as the poverty house of Bali, which is most beggars coming from, is now has proved their skills to produce high quality products handmade to the worldwide. As it is going on, Muntigunung has been through a highly successful cultural reformation.

The main objective of the social enterprise is to generate as many sustainable jobs as possible. Proceeds of sales are being reinvested into enlarging the business to increase the number of employees. Under Dian Desa’s supervising, Muntigunung villagers are presently producing food products like cashew nuts, rosella tea, rosella sweets, rosella salt, dried mango as well as the high quality lontar palm sugar. In addition, customized hand-made lontar packaging boxes from bags and pouches out of traditional textiles as well as the most beautiful hammocks in Asia are being produced. Most of the raw material originates from Muntigunung, is processed manually with total care, and the products are of an exceptional quality. The products have a strong local and social touch and are helping the disadvantaged local population to get jobs and earn income, creating self-esteem and result to the reduction and elimination of a key poverty cause in the area.

SEAL Conference Bali 2017 will bring you to visit Muntigunung comunity as a role model of Bali social enterprise that has fullfilled aspects of CSE : Economic Social Development, Women Empowerment and Sustainability.

Who Should Attend
Practitioners Community Social Enterprise, Government, Private Sector, NGO, Universities

Investment: IDR 4.500.000,- / USD $ 380
Facilities: conference, social enterprise trip, ISEA certificate, accomodation for 5D 4N
Bank Account BNI Syariah
No 700.70.4444
Account Name Yayasan Dompet Dhuafa Republika

Info & Registration 
Dewi +6285215646958
Online Form click  here

Flyer Bali SEAL Conference Asia 2017 click here

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