Call of Paper 4th South East Asia International Islamic Philanthropy Conference

Posted January 15th, 2016 in Events, News, Research, Seminar

For the past few years, South East Asia muslim community has become the biggest potential synergy in Islamic voluntary sector, after the Middle East region. Islamic Philanthropy network and social finance between countries are expected to provide solution for socio-economic and sustainable development challenges in South East Asia, especially poverty alleviation.

Continuing with synergy spirit from further forums such as MABIMS, Dewan Zakat Asia Tenggara and Waqf community of Asia and New Zealand, this event will brought together governments, industries, academic scholars, regional experts, professionals and corporate managers to discuss opportunities for voluntary partnerships in the Muslim world

The implementation of Islamic Philanthropy or Islamic Voluntary sector in every country in the world has its own characteristics and uniqueness. This is related to the fact that Islamic Philanthropy has strong connections to the culture and the system from which it is derived. Therefore, presentation and discourse are necessary to enrich the Islamic Philanthropy’s idea and point of view.

IMZ Dompet Dhuafa, Sunan Gunung Djati State Islamic University Bandung, along with Center for Islamic Philanthropy and Social Finance (CIPSF) Malaysia will held an International Seminar to deeply-review the progress of zakat and waqf governance in South East Asia.

The focuses of the 4th SEA IIPC 2016 are as follow:
“Strengthening Zakat and Waqf Governance”

Sub Theme :
1. Strenghtening Zakat Governance

  • Zakat Collection
  • Zakat Distribution
  • Zakat Organization
  • Zakat Legal
  • Amil Development
  • Asnaf Development
  • International Zakat
  • Zakat Best Practices Program
  • Role of State and NGO
  • Zakat Core Principles
  • International Standard of Zakat Management

2. Strengthening Waqf Governance

  • Waqf Collection
  • Waqf Investment and Beneficiaries
  • Waqf Legal
  • Nazhir Development
  • Beneficiaries Development
  • International Waqf
  • Waqf Best Practices Program
  • Role of State and NGO
  • Waqf Core Principles

Outsanding papers will be promoted and published in International Journal of Nusantara Islam of Sunan Gunung Djati State Islamic University


• Identifying level of governance in zakat and waqf in South East Asia
• Forming of South East Asia Islamic Philanthropy Association (SIPA)
• Sharing best practice program of zakat and waqf in South East Asia
• Networking of zakat and waqf organization and goverment in South East Asia


• Topics discussed in accordance with the focus of this seminar.
• Paper is written in English, Malay, or Indonesian.
• Maximum 10 pages with font 12, Times New Roman, double spacing, A4 Paper, 4 cm left margin and right margin, top and bottom 3 cm.
• Articles should consist abstract, background issues, the focus of the study, analysis and discussion, conclusions and suggestions.
• Latest brief CV

• Conference Date : 25-27 February 2016
• Abstract / Full paper submission : 18 February 2016

Email : 

Term of Reference and Information Package here

Registration Form for Attendance here



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