Digital Fundraising for Ramadhan

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- Online Learning Program – Menjalani bulan Ramadhan di tengah-tengah suasana situasi pandemi Covid-19 tahun ini, membutuhkan kesiapan tim yang memadai terutama ketika penghimpunan bertumpu pada digital fundraising. Persiapkan diri dan tim Anda dengan strategi serta keterampilan kampanye di dunia digital. Diperuntukkan bagi para amil zakat, yayasan pendidikan, maupun entitas ekonomi pemberdayaan yang ingin memperluas [...]


Strategi Mengelola Minimarket Muslim di Tengah Krisis

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Online Learning Program Kebutuhan konsumsi dan bahan pangan di masa krisis menjadi salah satu kunci ketahanan masyarakat, terutama di wilayah perkotaan. Minimarket yang menjadi distribusi terdekat dengan wilayah pemukiman merupakan entitas ekonomi yang vital dan memiliki potensi untuk terus bertahan karena fungsinya yang sangat dibutuhkan. Bagaimana dinamika minimarket muslim di tengah krisis, dan produk-produk apa [...]


Announcement of Psychological Test and Interview Phase II of the 2020 2020 YBM Village Companion School

Posted February 24th, 2020 in Gallery, News, Publication, Training by admimz

After the file selection and online interview stages, the following is a list of 58 potential participants who will undergo the psychological test and interview stage II. Congratulations to the candidate of YBM PLN Village Companion to carry out the next stage. All participants are expected to be present at the location and date of [...]


Finding superior HR with interview techniques

Posted February 21st, 2020 in Capacity Building, Gallery, News, Training by admimz

How to find qualified candidates by interview? How to distinguish good and not candidates? What questions should be asked and how can I find out honest answers from candidates? This training will answer it for you. Guided by a psychologist who is experienced in the employee selection interview process, you will learn: • How to [...]


Ghazalian Counseling & Psychotherapy Workshop

Posted February 17th, 2020 in Capacity Building, Gallery, News, Training by admimz

If you are a therapist, counselor, educator, preacher, parent, community empowerment activist, and want to be able to provide counseling and therapy with an Islamic spiritual approach, this workshop will help you make it happen. You will be trained as a Ghazalian-based Islamic counselor and therapist. Theory • Ghazali and the psychology of happiness • [...]


Web and Integrated Social Media Workshop _ 3rd Generation

Posted February 17th, 2020 in Capacity Building, Gallery, News, Training, Uncategorized by admimz

SEO, Paid Ads, Facebook Ads, Content Marketing, Email Marketing will still be the same as being used and exist as Digital Marketing tools in 2019 (Neil Patel, Digital Marketing Specialist). The Middle Class Institute (MCI) survey in 6 cities stated that 23% of total respondents paid zakat, donation, alms, endowments (ZISWAF) via electronic transactions (quoted [...]


Sharia Audit & Zakat Financial Report Preparation Class of 11

Posted January 24th, 2020 in Capacity Building, Gallery, News, Training by admimz

The various dynamics of accounting case learning and financial reporting of zakat to the expansion of the structure and form of organization that continues to grow requires practitioners of zakat managers to participate in updating knowledge on how to prepare financial reports for the funds of the people. Compliance with sharia requires that the Zakat [...]


Psychological First Aid Training _ Training of Psychological Assistance Techniques for Humanity

Posted January 21st, 2020 in Capacity Building, Events, Gallery, News, Regular, Training by admimz

Disasters come that never know the time, suddenly able to provide psychological and social (psychosocial) impacts widely for individuals, families and survivors. The role of humanitarian teams who understand and are skilled systematically and professionally in dealing with the psychosocial effects of survivors is increasingly needed. The Psychological First Aid (PFA) Program is a series [...]


Empowerment Challenge of YBM PLN

Posted January 16th, 2020 in Capacity Building, Events, Gallery, Library Catalog, News, Short Course, Training by admimz

As part of the corporate-based Zakat Institution entity, the Baitul Maal Foundation (YBM) PLN is committed to assisting the government in empowering the village economy. Therefore, we invite the best sons and daughters of Indonesia to join the YBM PLN as the Village Empowerment Program Assistant. Candidate Requirements: • Men and Women of max age. [...]


Management of Waqf Productive (Class 2)

Posted January 13th, 2020 in Capacity Building, Events, Gallery, News, Training by admimz

Waqf will feel the impact if it is associated with productive endowments. The money or funds collected will be used for investments with low risk and profits will be distributed to the poor as a person. Thus, the poor will benefit (Bank Indonesia: 2016). This training will equip you to have the ability to develop [...]