3rd International Islamic Philantrophy Seminar IMZ Bandung Indonesia

Posted February 3rd, 2015 in Internasional, International, Seminar

The implementation of Islamic Philanthropy in every country in the world has its own characteristics and uniqueness. This is related to the fact that Islamic Philanthropy has strong connections to the culture and the system from which it is derived. Therefore, presentation and discourse are necessary to enrich the Islamic Philanthropy’s idea and point of view. Meeting and sharing knowledge among ZISWAF’s practitioners in Southeast Asia that frequently held were intended to elevate the synergy of resources management, as well as programs’ benchmark. This events’ collaboration among practitioners are strong reflection and awareness to further optimize the ZISWAF’s utilization on poverty alleviation in Southeast Asia.

Dompet Dhuafa, IMZ, Sunan Gunung Djati State Islamic University Bandung, Sinergi Foundation along with Institut Kajian Zakat (IKaZ) Malaysia will held an International Seminar to deeply-review the progress of fatwa and the practice of ZISWAF’s management in the world, and in Southeast Asia to be specific. The focuses of the Third Annual International Seminar on Islamic Philanthropy are as follow:
1. Fiqh, Maqasid al-shariah and Contemporary Issues;
2. The Institutional Governance of ZISWAF; and
3. The innovation program of ZISWAF in Southeast Asia.
Through these main topics, there is a big expectations it will continually generate new ideas in transforming Islamic Philanthropy for the improvement of ummah.

Outsanding papers will be promoted and published in International Journal of Nusantara Islam of Sunan Gunung Djati State Islamic University

Formulir International Islamic Philantrophy Seminar IMZ 2015 (International)


Information, Invitation Letter and Registration
Rina +62813 1845 1022
Prasetyo +62819 3153 2099 +62822 1677 2839

Local Registration
Ani +62852 1564 6958

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