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We are dizzy thinking about fortune because we feel fortune we can only get from one door: work *. In fact, God gives us lots of fortune doors. There is a fortune that is guaranteed, there is a fortune because of business, there is a fortune because of giving, and there is a fortune that is given specifically for pious people.

The city of Medina once recorded an interesting history. After  Tabuk war , many dates in Medina were rotten because they were left behind by their owners who took part in a war expedition with the Prophet.

With the intention of helping date farmers to earn income from their date palms, a philanthropist named  Abdurahman bin Auf  announced that he would buy all the rotten dates owned by Madinah farmers at the same price as good dates. Then the palm farmers rejoiced in the generosity of Abdurahman bin Auf.

Then, what do you want to do with those rotten dates? Abdurahman bin Auf has no ideas yet. His intention was only to help date palm farmers so that they could enjoy the harvest. He had no plans whatsoever until an emissary from the  Yemeni king  was looking for a medicine to treat an outbreak of disease affecting the Yemeni population. According to Yemeni medical experts, the cure for infectious diseases is in rotten dates! And the Yemeni messenger is willing to buy foul dates belonging to Abdurahman bin Auf at a price ten times the price of ordinary dates.

Amazing right? The door to fortune like this does not enter into the calculation of management science. The fortune of giving is not taught by business motivators. But this type of fortune is in our midst. Only people with high spirituality and people who have experienced it can understand and believe it.

A Cirebon businessman, let’s say Amir, had experienced this type of fortune. In the past, he quit his job and wants to start his own business. On his last day working, he got 50 million from the company as a tribute to his tenure. Amir intends to make the money as capital for his business, but he does not know what business he will run.

On his way home, he stopped by the mosque to pray. It turned out that the mosque was raising funds for victims of the disaster. Amir tapped his heart. He also donated his money. Do you know how much he donated? Fifty million! Yes, he donated all the money he would use to start a business. I wonder what he was thinking. Amir went home empty-handed.

Amir tried several times but always failed. Until finally, he got an offer to build housing in Cirebon and start success approaching it. Now he has become one of the most successful and well-known property entrepreneurs.

So there are many fortune doors. There is a fortune that is also obtained from the door of giving. Allah explains the door to this fortune in the Qur’an:

“… whosoever is narrowed fortune, then inform with what God has given him. God does not burden but limited to what is possessed. (If you have done it) then Allah will soon turn your difficulties into convenience. ” (QS 65: 7)

Isn’t that the formula? Fortune is narrow, why are you told to ask for help? Illogical, our logic. It makes no sense, our mind. But, that’s the formula from God.  This is the law of Give and Get . Give first, then you can. END

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