When Money Is Our Dream

Posted June 28th, 2020 in Article

The money makes our lives easier. Many things we can do with money. With money we can buy good food, good clothes, a comfortable home we live in, or the latest release vehicles that make people chuckle when we ride.

That is the reason many people work going home late at night every day: to get money. Because with him, life seems to be much happier. At least, that’s the answer from the thousands of people I asked in more than one hundred Move On training classes: The Art of Success and Happy Life. But is that right?

Remember your first salary? When we earn 3 million a month, we feel that 3 million is not enough. We want to increase to 5 million. And it seems like 5 million is enough for us. When our income reaches 5 million, it turns out that 5 million is not enough and we want to have an income of 10 million. When our income reached 10 million, it was not enough. Weird indeed. Is it enough when we earn 20 million a month? Not. Believe me, there will never be enough of our income figures.

That is the phenomenon of hedonic treadmills. On the treadmill, even though we do not move to run. Our speed increases and we run faster, but our position does not change places.

People who focus their lives on money will experience a hedonic treadmill. Income might increase, but the level of happiness is not. If our dreams lead to money, life will be very tiring. If our satisfaction with money, we will never be satisfied. Money will never satisfy us.

A group of researchers from the University of Basel Switzerland has proven that the amount of income does not make us feel satisfied. The research, published in the Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization, involved 33,500 respondents. These respondents reported that they only briefly enjoyed an increase in their income and then felt that the new income was normal and wanted even higher income.

Professor Michael Norton of Harvard Business School found similar results in his research. He asked questions to 2,000 people with a minimum fortune of 1 million USD. Professor Norton found that rich people want their assets 2-3 times more than they have now.

I was reminded of the words of the Prophet Muhammad: “If a child of Adam had one valley of gold, he would have wanted another two valleys.” (Bukhari & Muslim HR)

So, let’s change the focus of our life orientation. Let’s change our life’s obsession. Don’t make money the focus of your life. Don’t make money our biggest obsession. Money is only a result of our work, so do not make it as a cause.

Let’s work with our best quality, not because of the money behind it. The money is due. Just work. Later money will come to us. And when he comes to us, don’t be overly happy. Ordinary. Let him fill our account. Just our account, don’t let it fill our hearts. So that we are not heavy when need to let go.

Like Sulaiman a-Rajhi. His fortune is 7.7 billion USD. He is the 120th richest person in the world. The owner of the largest Islamic bank in the world. But his wealth did not tempt his heart. He lives an ordinary life. His clothes are just simple white robes. Go only with economy class aircraft. He was very busy, but always arrived early at the mosque. Muadzin often loses fast with him. Infaq and endowments are spread throughout the world.

Money failed to hook Sulaiman’s heart. He has even distributed all his wealth to relatives, heirs, and the poor. All of it. Sulaiman himself chose a simple life. He left the business to the professionals. And all the business profits he donated for social purposes.

So, let’s work with our best quality. Then go home and pray as Umar bin Khattab prayed, “O Allah, make the world in our grasp. Don’t make the world in our hearts. ” END

This article is a written version of my training material entitled Move On: The Art of Achieving Success and a Happy Life, made into a series of writings to be enjoyed by more people. If you are interested in participating in this training, please contact IMZ Consulting at 021-7418607 / 0852.1564.6958 or training@imz.or.id

Inspirasi Melintas Zaman (IMZ Consulting) is a social enterprise institution that helps profit and non-profit organizations in the fields of leadership, human resource development and community empowerment based on spiritual values.

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