Who Survived in the Covid-19 Era

Posted June 22nd, 2020 in Article

For the empowerers, farmers, breeders, MSMEs, do you have to anticipate the dynamics that are happening now? Is there a need to switch or transition the profession to themes that sell well in times of crisis. Or stay waiting for the emergency era to end?

“The epic (positive energy) of empowerment cannot be extinguished. Because the spirit of empowerment is essentially a response to the change itself. At least it changes from those who don’t want to do anything to do anything, so that the helpless become empowered. Farmers and breeders have often been heroes, though often they cannot get a sign of service.Remember the recession era of entering the year 2000? Agriculture and animal husbandry sector is a sector that is able to survive and even become a spill sector in the economic sector.

Well, this MSME needs to be tidied up. In this situation, the opportunity is very open to improve themselves, even for those who want to start. Of course the main challenge is to build creativity and bring a strong will. That said, starting the easiest business is “helping solve the needs of others”. Yes, just start there. Like an umbrella motorcycle taxi. Crossing others from building to building, or from building to car. For friends tested with termination of employment, this pandemic is a test and not yet the end. Even though switching from employee to entrepreneur is certainly not as easy as turning a hand. But the experience of being an employee should be used as a starting point for starting something. Instead of waiting for something that is uncertain. I do not know until when this pandemic will take place? “.

@jodijigo, Executive Director @masyarakatmandiri explained in the WhatsApp School of Empowerment Lecture April 22, 2020. Social Enterprise of @dompetdhuafaorg

In picture: Indonesian Agricultural Startup | Hulu Hilir Agriculture in the Covid-19 Era | Momentum 2 Muslim Holidays


Prasetyo Wibowo
Manager Training and Business Development IMZ
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