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Andi is building a house in his hometown in a village in Kuningan district. He has been saving for ten years, setting aside part of his income working in Jakarta. He also called Mang Udin who he believed could realize his dream home.

“Mang Udin, I want to build a house. That land is on the edge of the river. Please make me a nice house like in rich people’s complexes. Room three. I still work in Jakarta, I can only go home once every two weeks. So I entrust everything to Mang Udin, yes, ”Andi explained.

“Mr. Andi has made a picture of his house?” asked Mang Udin

“Ah … rich little boy Mang uses pictures. Mang Udin is already used to making houses. I believe in Mang Udin. It’s just a nice house. Minimalist one. Like in complexes. “

Two weeks later, Andi returned to Kuningan and called Mang Udin.

“Mang Udin, why is the house facing the river?”

“Didn’t Pak Andi say where he was facing him?”

“Yeah, but why to the river?”

“A good house in complexes, the trend is now facing it to the river, sir. The term river view he said, “explained Mang Udin with thick Sundanese accent.

“River view is good when it’s clean, Mang. This is a blocked time. Lots of rubbish. Smell again. Where do I feel? “

Finally, the foundation of the house that was installed was demolished.

Two weeks later, Andi returned to Kuningan and called Mang Udin.

“Mang Udin, why is there a bathroom in the living room? The bathroom is behind you, Mang. “

“They say you want it to be like a house in a complex, sir? This is the guest bathroom so that guests do not need to go inside to go to the toilet. “

“Ah … farewell Mang if the bathroom in front. It’s been demolished. Enough behind the bathroom. “

And Mang Udin dismantled it again.

Building a house without first making the design will often be demolished. Greater costs, even more time. Make the design drawing first.

The shape of the house will follow the design. If the design is facing the highway, the house will face the highway. If the design does not have a toilet in the living room, the house will be the result. The house will always follow the design drawings.

If a house with a cost of 200 million needs to be drawn first so that it is not disassembled, our future, which is worth much more than a house, certainly needs to be drawn more. The design of the future is important so that our careers are not dismantled; a dozen years of work but our competence and excellence have not been built. If a career is not designed, work is just a routine: going home late at night, waiting for the salary to arrive at the end of the month, and immediately used up to pay installments. How unattractive to live like that.

The design of the future is not just about careers, but about our whole life. If God gives us a ration of up to 60 years, how do we want to be remembered by society? What legacy will we inherit for our offspring? What kind of contribution will we make to society and the world? What good deeds will we bring to Allah later?

Likewise with family. The future of our family also needs to be designed: what is the mission of our family life? What are our family’s specialties and advantages? What kind of culture do you want to build in your family? What kind of person do we want to form for our children? What contribution do our families want to make to the world? How to get together in heaven?

“And those who believe, and their children and grandchildren who follow them in the faith, We bring them together with their children and grandchildren in heaven. And We did not reduce the slightest merit of their kindness. Everyone is bound by what they do. ” (Qur’an 52:21)

I accompanied more than two thousand people to design their future in the Move On: Art Achieve Success and Happy Life training class. His background is diverse: entrepreneurs, company executives, employees, civil servants, social activists, to students. But at any age and any profession, making future designs turns out to have extraordinary benefits.

The process of making future designs has changed their lives a lot. Future design gives direction to career and family. The design of the future unites their lives which are bounded between career and family life, even between personal life and God. This design gives them a solid foundation for a more balanced life between career, family, health, social, and spiritual. And last but not least, the design of the future gives deeper meaning to their lives; life is no longer just a tiring routine.

If you haven’t created your own future design, try it! If you don’t have a future design for your family, ask your spouse and children to make one. Answer these questions to get it: what is your life mission? What legacy will you leave for family and the world? What kind of charity will you bring before God? How do you achieve it? And do you currently feel that you are on the right track?

Good luck. END

This article is a written version of my training material entitled Move On: The Art of Achieving Success and a Happy Life, made into a series of writings to be enjoyed by more people.

Inspirasi Melintas Zaman (IMZ Consulting) is a social enterprise institution that helps profit and non-profit organizations in the fields of leadership, human resource development and community empowerment based on spiritual values.

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