Creativity Will Find The Way (Part 2)

Posted April 25th, 2020 in Article, Gallery

Online learning program, as a change to the business process in the Covid-19 era, thank God it went on smoothly. Three thematic choices based on the latest needs of the audience become new learning for us, not only for the management of the training institute but also for the participants.

Learn a lot of new things, starting from the H-1 Clean Rehearsal, Zoom settings on the device, managing the display and background, to discussing in cyberspace with experts in their fields.

From a technical standpoint, how to manage a professional webinar operator is the key to this online training program. Buying a webinar zoom account is just the beginning, lots of interesting technical details to be worked on.

Starting from skilled using the Wirecast application, setting a variety of devices, to the lighting and layout studio webinar recording. All have knowledge, and to master it all, there is manners or attitude.

We also applied ideas to optimize ad spots in a variety of potentials. Starting from advertisements in the coffee break period of 15 minutes to 1 hour, utilizing fun online quizzes to refresh the participants’ atmosphere. Until the drink or snack host can be an attractive promo event.

Increasing colleagues in various fields of science, especially video conferencing and broadcasting is something to be grateful for during this pandemic.

For those who want to deepen about Becoming a Professional Webinar Operator, we will hold a webinar this Ramadhan. Come along, guys, so that Eid can stay online together with family. So that online graduations can remain memorable despite long distances. So that the contract can be a good memory even with a virtual invitation.

Training & Business Development Manager
Cross Age Inspiration (IMZ)

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