Mind Traps

Posted April 25th, 2020 in Article, Gallery

Experience is the best teacher. That’s how the saying goes. For me, experience is not only the best teacher, but also the most difficult mind trap. Imagine every time I go home, I have to pass a small river. I have tried jumping several times to cross it. But always failed. Finally, I was convinced that it would not be possible to do so and decided to use small wooden bunds carefully so that they would not slip.

One day, a dog chased me while walking home. I ran as fast as I could until I realized that there was a river in front. I cannot take a path through small embankments because it will reduce running speed and risk catching up with dogs. Amid the panic, I jumped across the river. Luckily, I survived to the other side.

When I got home, I realized I had done something that I had never been able to do. My experience teaches that it is impossible to jump across a river. Now I realize it’s a trap of mind.

That’s us. Our abilities are actually far greater than we believe. Research shows that geniuses only use 6 percent of their brains. That’s the genius. We are not geniuses only 2-3 percent. And remember, the brain is not only for thinking, but also controls our physical movements. The brain manages all our activities. That is, we only use 2-3% of our abilities. We are already trapped by our own experience and say, “I can’t do it!”

God is following the prejudices of His servants. If prejudiced is good, he will find his kindness. If he is prejudiced, that is what he will encounter. Psychologists call it self fulfilling prophecy, events that occur because of our own beliefs. Beliefs will affect brain cells and determine how much energy the brain will then be ordered to do. Motivators call it mindset.

When our minds are optimistic, the brain releases 3 chemicals: dopamine, endorphins, and adrenaline. Dopamine works to stimulate the pleasure center in the brain and create a feeling of being able and meaningful life. Endorphins that spread throughout the body make us feel no fatigue and pain. When leading the acquisition of sports competition figures, for example, we do not feel fatigue and pain. The pain information is blocked by endorphins so it does not reach the brain. Adrenaline completes it by making the mind and body alert and ready for new tasks.

I’m not saying we can do anything if we believe we can. Humans are not God who can do everything; whose every word comes true. Humans are bound by natural laws. But like a soccer player, we often only play the ball in the goal itself, even though the field is so wide. We remain bound by the rules of the game of football. We can’t play outside the field. I just ask not to just play in the goal itself. Go ahead and break the opponent’s goal.

Ramadan is sent by God to erode the mind traps that have been hampering our success. God wants to show us that our abilities are far greater than we thought. Previously we felt it was impossible to work productively in a weak body condition. But we will find our productivity will not decrease even if we are fasting. Daytime work, night tarawih, sleep a little because waking up to midnight and eat sahur. We can do it. Full month.

Previously we felt it was impossible to routinely read the Koran one juz a day. In Ramadan, we even surpass it. In the past we felt it was impossible to refrain from seeing culinary snacks so tempting in front of the eye. When Ramadhan we can hold all our appetite. It was difficult to resist the urge to smoke. Now, we can survive not smoking 14 hours.

Not just a physical matter. When some people find it impossible to live honestly in a world of lies like now, Ramadan makes it possible for us to do it. Nobody knows we drink a sip of water when performing ablution. But we did not do it. Even though we are thirsty and haven’t had a sip of water for a whole day.

Congratulations I say for those of you who are fasting. We will find that our abilities are more than we believed before. We will find that the ball field of our lives is fifty times wider than we believe. We are being trained by God to come out of our comfort zone and become a new person; individuals who will improve civilization. END

Fatchuri Rosidin (Direktur Inspirasi Melintas Zaman)

Cross Age Inspiration (IMZ Consulting) is a social enterprise institution that helps social organizations and businesses in the fields of leadership, human resource development and community empowerment based on spiritual values.

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