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The struggle for success and the pursuit of happiness is indeed extraordinary. Like this story; true story of the struggle for happiness. Her name, let’s say Dewi, director at a finance company in Jakarta. The mother of a mere puppet girl who is now sitting in class XI at a favorite private high school in Jakarta. Her husband is a property entrepreneur. His house is luxurious in BSD. In his garage lined 3 cars. Complete with driver. One for her husband and one for her child. At his house there are still 2 household assistants.

One day, Dewi fell ill and was hospitalized. Fatigue completing work that accumulates towards the end of the year makes it hit by typhus. It was already the third day he was treated. But his son, Anggi, never visited him at the hospital. There are reasons. Busy doing school work, piano lessons, swimming and theater preparation at Taman Ismail Marzuki next week. Anggi just visited him at the hospital on the day of Dewi’s return. Even then, after the mother threatened to withdraw the car facilities that he gave to Anggi.

Two months after that, mbok Yem, his household assistant, became ill. Also treated at the hospital. Strangely, Anggi instead waited for him in the hospital. Not just visiting, but waiting for him. Hours after school until late at night. If his mother is not forced to go home, Anggi is reluctant to leave the hospital.

Goddess pondered. He was hospitalized five days, Anggi did not want to visit him. Why does it turn out that Mbok Yem is sick, Anggi is waiting for him? Indeed Mbok Yem, who raised Anggi as a child, was the birth mother of Dewi. He admitted that he was too busy working. But doesn’t he work for the happiness of his family?

That day Dewi felt everything she had achieved for decades was useless. Abundant wealth, brilliant career, luxury car, big house, useless. Because the only child actually does not feel close to him. Anggi is even closer to Mbok Yem, who is only a caregiver in this house.

Who doesn’t want to have a lot of money? With money we can buy a nice house, a luxury car, a comfortable bed, a recreational trip abroad, and collect our favorite items. But God has a unique formula about happiness. Money can buy the comforts of life, but it doesn’t automatically make the owner happy.

With money we can buy delicious food. But the pleasure of eating distributed by God is not directly proportional to the price of the food we buy. Like my best friend’s experience. That day he boarded a plane from Jakarta to Hong Kong. He sat next to a man in his 60s.

My best friend is surprised. When he enjoyed the food served by the flight attendants, the man beside him did not touch the food. He just held a glass of water. occasionally drink it a little while watching me eat.

Didn’t you eat? ” my best friend greeted him feeling uncomfortable eating alone.

Not. I have to watch the food, sis. The doctor told me not to eat anything. ” The answer.

Oh … what sick father? ”

Heart, sis. Already put 2 rings. I avoid those that contain cholesterol. Later my sugar also rose. If uric acid has been more than ten years. I used to want to eat things without money. Now I have a lot of money, but I still can’t eat things because doctors are forbidden. ”

Suddenly my best friend felt to be a very lucky person. Life was not how much he had, but how much he was grateful for. END

By : Fatchuri Rosidin (Director of Inspirasi Melintas Zaman)

This article is taken from my training material entitled Move On: The Art of Achieving Success and Happy Life.

Cross Age Inspiration (IMZ Consulting) is a social enterprise institution that helps profit and non-profit organizations in the fields of leadership, human resource development and community empowerment based on spiritual values.

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