PAUD – HI Teacher Training _ Capacity Building Program 2020, Mamuju, West Sulawesi

Posted February 25th, 2020 in Article

62 Teachers and Principals of HI PAUD from Mamuju, Majene and Polewali Mandar received a capacity building program for three days at the Grand Maleo Hotel, Mamuju. The program, which has been going on for six years in a row, was implemented with the full support of PTTEP Indonesia in collaboration with the Karampuang Foundation and IMZ Dompet Dhuafa Corporate University.

“Since 2015, we routinely with the Karampuang Foundation and IMZ organize training for mothers and fathers of HI PAUD Teachers. This year we want to have a strengthening of how to deal with children in the gagdet era. Secondly, we want to have a teamwork session so that the HI ECD team will be more compact and solid in fostering their respective schools “, explained Gayatri Syafrie, Public Affairs of PTTEP Indonesia.

“Every educator wants his students to be successful as adults. 10 factors that influence someone’s success based on Thomas J. Stanley, PhD, including: (1) Honest; (2) Discipline; (3) Good interpersonal skills; (4) Support from a spouse; (5) Work harder than others; (6) Loving what is done; (7) Good and strong leadership; (8) Spirit & competitive personality; (9) Good life management; (10) Ability to sell ideas and products.

Our education to children, teach these 10 things. Because these are the 10 main priorities in educating children. Intelligence, favorite school background and the best grades are not the top priority, “explained Fatchuri Rosidin, trainer and motivator as well as IMZ DD Corporate University Director.

West Sulawesi HI PAUD Teacher Training in 2020 will also equip all participants with outbound activities and change assessment for each PAUD representative. This aims to monitor the development of the impact of the training to be effective and optimal.

Prasetyo Wibowo
Training & Business Development Manager
IMZ Dompet Dhuafa Corporate University

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